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Fall 2014 Newsletter

In this Issue

  • Page 1: What’s Happening to Our Waters?
    A look at local water concerns in Wisconsin and the efforts to keep them safe.
    An Introduction by CWAC President Dean Hoegger
  • Page 2: What the Waters Tell Us
  • Page 3: Contaminated Wells Spur Tougher Waste Spreading Ordinance in Kewaunee County
  • Page 4: Ohio’s Blue Green Algae Problem Could Become Ours
  • Page 5: Neonics Wreaking Havoc on Aquatic Life, Honeybees
  • Page 8: Coal Tar Sealants Pose Threat to Water and Health
  • Page 9: Industrial Farm Model is Damaging Environment
  • Page 10: Walker Weakened Protections of State's Wetlands
  • Page 11: A Major Victory for Protection from High Capacity Well Permits
    PCB Contaminated Sediment Cleanup Continues for a Sixth Year
  • Page 12: Oneida Tribe Partners to Restore Trout Creek
  • Page 13: The Action in CWAC
    Have you renewed your membership for 2014?
    Legal Actions
    CWAC's Educational Efforts in the Community
    CWAC's Actions in the Community
  • Page 15: Greening Out Your Trash Can: International, National, and Local Studies and Programs on Food Waste
  • Page 17: CWAC Interns

Summer 2014 Newsletter

In this Issue

  • Page 1: Make Environmental Justice the Next Human Rights Campaign
    Sandra Steingraber Invites Audience to Join the Environmental Rights Movement
    CWAC Answers the Call for an Environmental Justice Campaign
  • Page 3: The Time for Citizen Advocacy is Now
  • Page 4: The Toxic Trespass of Frac Sand Mining
  • Page 6: EPA Loophole Increases Threat from Incinerators
  • Page 7: CWAC Board Takes Position Against Municipal Water Fluoridation
  • Page 8: Join the Task Force to Stop Spray Irrigation of Animal Waste
  • Page 9: Join the Fight against GMOs
    Legislative Actions to Protect Citizens from GMOs
  • Page 10: Engaging Elected Officials the CCL Way
  • Page 11: The Action in CWAC
    CWAC in the Community
    Legal Actions
  • Page 13: Clean Water Action Council Asks the State Supreme Court for Decision Review
    CWAC Welcomes New Board Members

Spring 2014 Newsletter

In this Issue

  • Page 1: Examining the Link Between Cancer and the Environment
    CWAC Examines the Local Exposure to Toxic Chemicals
    CWAC to Host Health Forum featuring Sandra Steingraber
  • Page 3: A Look at Cancer Rates in Northeast Wisconsin
  • page 4: Dioxins:The Worst of the Dirty Dozen
  • Page 5: PCBs: The Unseen Threat in our Community
  • Page 6: Exposure to Atrazine and other Agricultural Chemicals Pose Health Risk
  • Page 7: CWAC to Offer Well Testing for the Herbicide Glyphosate
  • Page 8: The Action in CWAC
    CWAC in the Community
    Legal Actions
    CWAC Representation on State and Local Committees Organizations
  • Page 11: CWAC Seeks Participants for Food Waste Study
  • Page 12: Guest Commentaries

Winter 2014 Newsletter

In this Issue

  • Page 1: At Whose Table Do Our Legislators Sit?
    Money, Politics and the Environment in a Greener 2014
  • Page 2: The Movement to Overcome Citizens United Grows
  • Page 3: Improving Recycling for a Greener 2014
  • Page 4: Managed Grazing Could Improve Water Quality in 2014 and Beyond
  • page 5: Spray Irrigation of Manure, A Cause for Concern in the Coming Year
  • Page 7: The Use of Fewer Antibiotics Would Make for a Healthier 2014
  • Page 8: Good Tidings for 2014 on Emerald Ash Borer Front
  • Page 9: The Action in CWAC
    Join us at the office
    CWAC in the Community
    CWAC Monitors PCB Cleanup of Fox River
    CWAC Monitors for Incineration
    Legal Actions
    CWAC Representation on State and Local Committees and Organizations
  • Page 12: CWAC Welcomes Our Fall and Spring Interns

Fall 2013 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Page 1: Green Energy, What's Really Green?
  • Page 3: Corn-Based Ethanol—The Brownest Green Fuel
    Manure Digesters Do Not Solve Manure Problems
  • Page 4: Solar Energy Is Both Green and Affordable
  • Page 5: Solar Electric/Photovoltaics
  • Page 7: As Wind Energy Industry Grows, Green Solutions Sought
    The Action in CWAC
    Legal Actions
    Legal Research
    CWAC Follows Council on Recycling Plastic...
    CWAC in the Community
    CWAC Field Trips
  • Page 10: Tall Ships Festival Booth a Success
    Frac Sand Mining Environmental Concerns Grow
  • Page 11: CITIZENS CLIMATE LOBBY: Where Civility, Science and Action Meet
    More Threats to One of the Largest Freshwater Estuaries
  • Page 12: Latest Water Test Results Show High E. Coli Bacteria Count
  • Page 13: Water Testing for Roundup in Well Water Offered
    Book Reviews

Summer 2013 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Page 1: Are You Choosing an Organic Diet for Your Family?
  • Page 2: Are Your Foods GMO Free?
  • Page 3: Is Your Lawn Chemicals Free?
    Brown County's Community Gardens Transitioning Towards Organic
  • Page 4: Restaurant Provides Compost for Organic Gardener
  • Page 5: Will Allen Inspires Others through Growing Power Inc.
  • Page 6: Herbicide Carryover, Gardeners Beware!
    Managed Grazing Provides a Better Choice for Consumers
  • Page 7: The Action in CWAC
  • Page 11: CWAC Supports Efforts to Prevent Spray Irrigation of Animal Waste
  • Page 12: Water Reality Event Held in Wautoma
    CWAC Continues to Sponsor Student Interns
    Meet Carla Martin, CWAC’s Newest Board Member
  • Page 13: CWAC Hires Executive Director

Spring 2013 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Page 1: The Man from Clear Lake, Gaylord Nelson, Still Inspires the Green Movement.
  • Page 2: Zero Waste Group Forms in Brown County
    Sustain Door Returns Sustainability Fair to Door County April 27
  • Page 3: Green Bay's Bird City Recognition Leads to Avian-Related Successes
  • Page 4: Green Bay Pollinator Corridor Creates Chain of Native Landscape Gardens
    Local City Ordinance Supports Native Landscapes
    Sustainable Farming is Promoted in Northeast Wisconsin
  • Page 5: N.E.W. Plastics Corporation Brings Sustainability to Lumber Industry
  • Page 6: Gardner Town Board Seeks to Regulate CAFOs
    The Action in CWAC
  • Page 10: Join the Mother Earth Water Walkers for an Event on May 5th
  • Page 11: Dance for the Environment Information and Ticket Order Form
  • Page 12: Mark Your Calendar!

Winter 2013 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Page 1: WI Citizens Have the Legal Right to Hold Government and Polluters Accountable
  • Page 2: Public Effectively Excluded from OSGC C.U.P. Application Process
  • Page 3: Manure Spray Irrigation: The Latest Threat from Industrial Farming May Limit Public Input
  • Page 4: Residents Struggle to Participate in Proposed Digester Approval
  • Page 5: CAFO Tour Raises Awareness and Concerns
  • Page 6: The Action in CWAC
  • Page 9: S.S. Badger Owners Resist Environmental Upgrades
  • Page 10: Students Perform Real Stream Research

Fall 2012 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • CAFOs: What they are and why we should care.
  • Impact of CAFOs on Brown County
  • Impact of CAFOs on Kewaunee County
  • CAFO Myths
  • Responding to the Growing Number of CAFOs
  • The Action in CWAC
  • A Letter from Kewaunee Cares
  • Emerald Ash Borer is Here!
  • Mark Your Calendar!

Summer 2012 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Moving Toward Zero Waste: A Goal for Northeast Wisconsin to Embrace
  • Compost = Black Gold
  • Food Waste Primer and The Food Waste Task Force
  • Landfill Reduction and Recycling, Inc. Provides Green Alternative for Construction and Demolition Materials
  • The Action in CWAC, Including an update on Oneida Tribe's Gasification Incinerator
  • CWAC Banquet & Dance for the Environment Raises Funds for Legal Fees
  • Mark Your Calendar!

Spring 2012 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Clean Water Act (CWA) Turns 40 Karst Typography-Or Cracks and Cow Crap Don't Mix
  • Phosphate Concentration in Surface Water Observed Over Eleven Years, an Example of Citizen Monitoring
  • Open Burning Contributes to Ground and Surface Water Pollution
  • Recycling Farm Plastic Needs Exploration
  • Regional Interests Involving the WDNR and the EPA
  • Wind Energy Primer - Is Wind Energy for You?
  • The Action in CWAC
  • Silica Frac-Sand Mining in Wisconsin

Winter 2012 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • A Changing Ice Fishing Catch in Green Bay Brings Concern for Fish-Eaters
  • Downplaying Invasives Not a Good Idea
  • Runaway Mining Train Will Ruin Wisconsin's Fresh Water
  • The Death of the Conservation Congress
  • Regional Interests Involving the WDNR and the EPA
  • The Action in CWAC

Fall 2011 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Oneida Trash to Energy Plant Not in Harmony with Tribe's Philosophy
  • The Long and Dirty Wake of the SS Badger
  • Phosphorus Still Harming Our Lakes and Streams
  • Utica Ethanol Lawsuit Review
  • Apple Papers, Inc. and NRC Corp. Leave Their PCB Cleanup for Others
  • CWAC with an Emphasis on Action

Summer 2011 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Wisconsin Supreme Court Shut the Door on Citizens' Rights to Clean Water
  • What Does this Decision mean for Wisconsin Citizens?
  • Behavior of Some Justices Shocks Observers from CWAC
  • The Clean Water Act Threatened in Congress, Act Now

Spring 2011 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • CWAC Fights for Environmental Justice in Northeast Wisconsin - Notices Served to Enforce Federal Clean Air Act
  • Remembering Dale Druckrey
  • Avoid Coal Tar Sealant for Your Driveway
  • Clean Water Action Council Goals for 2011

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